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    I'm Coconuts Over You
    Clear with a faint nickel gray cast. Aromas of vanilla and coconut ice creams and custard doughnuts with a soft, very sweet light body and a toasty coconut macaroon and cream pie finish.

    Bronze Medal - International Review of Spirits Awards
    84 points - Beverage Tasting Institute

    Long Island Ice Tea
    Combination of premium vodka, rum, tequila, triple sec, citrus juices and a splash of cola was completed. Voila!

    Tequila & Coffee
    Incredible coffee liqueur with silver tequila create a triumph!

    Premium caribbean rum, cinnamon, vanilla and other natural flavor.

    Peach Daiquiri
    Incrediblly perfect peaches mixed with our best daiguiri creating a triumph!

    Strawberry Daiquiri
    Incrediblly perfect strawberrys mixed with our best daiguiri creating a triumph!



    Before Castro controlled Cuba, international travelers frequented the famous La Bodeguita bar, (a favorite bar of Ernest Hemingway). They smoked incredible Cuban cigars and enjoyed the bars favorite creation: Special Cuban Rum perfectly blended with mint leaves, a squeeze of limes, a touch of syrup, packed in a tall glass filled with ice and a sprig of mint leaves. The bar called this special drink a Mojito. The travelers enjoyed a long evening trading stories and enjoying their Mojitos.



    A bartender in an upscale private club in Metro, New York impressed his cosmopolitan clients with a special combination of Premium Vodka, pure cranberry juice and a touch of orange all shaken well with ice and served in a martini glass.
    Appropriately, he called it a Cosmo, “short” for Cosmopolitan.



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