The delicate scents of oak, caramelized honey, mahogany, sweet potato, vanilla, stewed flowers and pear all held together in this anejo by baked agave are evocative. The flavors cleanly follow suit with a soft palate that is elegant and rich with a touch of coffee & chocolate. The finish is layered, iterate and supple with a rich, lengthy show of all the flavors and adding some earthiness to all the richness.

    Supple, delicate aromas of agave, green banana, fresh bell pepper, light citrus, clean floral and nuances of white pepper are very inviting. The palate entry is bright and awake with sweet agave while demonstrating the aromas with some evolving minerals transitioning into the finish. The body is medium weight and the mouth-feel is very clean. The finish lingers lightly showing the fruit, flowers and spice in a soft fade.

    There is an amazing dance that happens between the sweet tones (caramel, baked agave, stewed citrus, orange, slight-vanilla), the spices and structure. The proof is pleasantly obvious, clean alcohol pushes the flavors quickly across your palate. The finish is where the flavors dawdle and demonstrate an energetic magnificence. With the lithesome flavors and the alcohol proof this tequila is mystifying in its precarious balance between alcoholic proof and delicious flavors.